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Wolverinecar is a 68 Mustang Fastback Supercar, the prototype of a limited production of 200 vehicles. Designed by Gary Barbosa, built by Champion & Aikman Customs and Champion Classics, this car sets a new standard in combining outrageous design with Nascar aerodynamics, and today's modern equipment and drive-train.

Painted in "Wolverine Silver" and black stripes which start at the hood and end at the all black tail panel, you can not see inside the car through the back window, but you can see out when driving. The rear view is projected through a camera to an LCD Monitor that serves as the electronic nerve center and navigation system.

The tail panel incorporates a built in rear air spoiler, while the tail-lights and running lights are invisible until you hit the brakes or turn signals. With the touch of a finger, the name of the car is illuminated in white through the black tail panel.


The interior is black vinyl and stainless steel, ergonomically designed with a floating elevated console which hosts all the controls at your fingertips, including the "Stealth Mode" activator. Four leather bucket seats keep the occupants comfortable as the 4.6 L 32 valve Cobra Motor whips the car through turns on 18 & 20 inch tires and rims.

Built as a four-speed automatic for normal driving, when you want to get on it, click the paddle shifter to control your shift points for wheel burning manual performance.

The white LED lights show off the engine bay, which is occupied only by the polished 4.6 L with a unique Ram Air induction system. Not a wire or hose in sight, a Heidt front suspension, replaces the shock towers giving the engine a wide berth.


The ride is augmented by a self-leveling Air Ride System both front and rear, and a Cobra independent rear suspension. Special modifications allow the use of "Shockwave" shocks on the Heidt front suspension.

Aerodynamically, the front spoiler channels air laterally through the fenders, over the wheel-wells and out the side to maximize hold down at high speeds. The rear tire air ducts channel air to the rear brakes, and the rocker panel ground effects provide air to the transmission oil coolers.

The only thing more striking than seeing the Wolverine Silver paint in daylight, is to see the Blue Neon and LED lights that illuminate the design features of this car.

Wolverinecar can be built to your specifications and your colors, as either a daily driver or a thousand horsepower tire scorcher. At $125,000 the daily driver version features a 4.6 L 32 value Mach 1 motor, (350 HP, 330 FT.LB), four speed automatic, and independent rear suspension.

You must simply see it to believe it. Can you figure out where the exhaust exits. Hmmm.

Disclaimer: This vehicle is not affiliated directly or indirectly, nor it is associated or portend to be associated with Marvel Comics, 20 Century Fox, or the X Men Movie Franchise. The Wolverinecar was designed to compete with other modified 1968 mustang fastbacks as a supercar to be appreciated by car enthusiasts, and in so doing illustrate the creative nature of the design by Gary Barbosa and the abilities of the facilities in which it was created.
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